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How to Add a Post

The following instructions are for creating a new post using WordPress.


1.To create a blog post, you need to be in the “back end” or “Dashboard” of your website.

New Post

2. Click on “Posts” (the third item down – shown highlighted above).

Post Screen

3. This screen will then come up for you.

4. Type some text here. in the box that says “Add New Post”.  This is the title of your new post.

5. Then in the large box below that begin typing your blog.

6. Add an image by clicking on the button called “Add Media” above this box.

Select Media

7. Select the image you want and drag and drop it on the “Insert Media” area.  You’ll see the other images in the image library.  Just drop your new image on top of them.  The screen will become blue momentarily and then the new image will be in the upper left corner of your image library.

8. The image you just dragged into this window (above) will now have a checkbox on it.

Select Media

9. To the right is a bar that contains information about the image you’ve selected.

Media Image Info

10. You can change the title, add info to the caption, etc.  You can change the alignment and size.  I don’t usually mess with the “Link To” information.

11. To insert it into your post, look for the button in the lower right side of the screen

Insert Button

and press it.  Wa-La!  You’re added an image to your post.  That image is now permanently in your “Media Library” so you’ll be able to use it again any time you want.  You can use that same image anywhere on your website.

Publish Options

12. Now.  Before you publish your new post, take a peek at the stuff in the bar on the right side of your screen.  You can save this post as a draft, you can preview it, you can make it visible to just you, to people who know the password (you assign a password to the post), publish immediately or schedule it for a particular day and time, or you can just publish.  Categories – You can use the existing ones or add new ones.  Tags – same thing.  Lastly  is featured image.  You can select an image from your media library to make the featured image for this post.  I wouldn’t mess around with this for your first few posts.  It’ll probably raise a couple of questions that will require an answer from myself.  It has to do with which theme is being used for your website.  That featured image is used with some of the features of certain themes, but not with others.

13. Once you hit that PUBLISH button, you’ll have a finished post on your website.  Congratulations!

Finished Post

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